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Rabswood All Mahogany Single Cut

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The RabsWood  Mahogany SC

My own little take on a LP shape made from all Mahogany  with a 24.75" scale length.

Guitar Details and Spec:-

  • African MahoganyTop
  • Brazilian Mahogany Back
  • Utile neck (very close to mahogany) with slim C shaped profile
  • Ebony fretboard with a 12" radius
  • Mother of pearl dot inlays.
  • 500k CTS pots 
  • Russian PIO 0.047 capacitor
  • Black Bee PIO 0.047 capacitor
  • AxesRus Showstopper P90s
  • 24.75" scale length
  • Tru Oil finish
  • Schaller tuners
  • Chrome hardtail bridge
  • Switchcraft toggle switch and input jack

Short demo played through a Marshall amp

Longer demo played through a Fender Twin Reverb

Build Video

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